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What consumers think about AI – and the impact on your industry and business (VB Live)

February 23, 2022

Via: Venture Beat

Even as AI takes center stage in daily consumer life, sentiments about the technology are tremendously divided. Separating the hype from the reality is a chore even for business leaders in the thick of it. On top of that, the […]

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Good Revenue and Bad Revenue

September 1, 2020

Via: Business 2 Community

It might seem odd, particularly in these difficult economic times, to talk about the concept of “good and bad revenue.” Some of you may be thinking “revenue is revenue, all revenue is good!” What’s the difference between good and bad […]


The ambitions of VR and AR developers don’t match their financing needs

May 10, 2017

Via: Venture Beat

Virtual reality and augmented reality are still in their infancy. But with hundreds of companies, tens of thousands of employees, and over $4 billion in investments to date, the industry is taking a big swing at the future success of VR […]

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2017 is the Year Integration Enables Industry 4.0 Growth

January 30, 2017

Via: Business 2 Community

35% of companies adopting Industry 4.0 predict revenue gains over 20% in the next five years. Data analytics and digital trust are the foundations of Industry 4.0. Cost-sensitive industries including semiconductors, electronics, and oil and gas are the most focused […]