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Appian CEO Matt Calkins challenges AI industry to prioritize trust, proposes new era of responsible development

June 12, 2024

Via: Venture Beat

Matt Calkins, the visionary cofounder and CEO of Appian, a leading provider of low-code automation solutions, has thrown down the gauntlet to the AI industry. In a major development this week, Calkins unveiled a new set of guidelines designed to […]


How to Protect Your Business Assets

April 15, 2024

Via: Small Biz Club

In the complex world of commerce, safeguarding your business assets is as essential as growing your business. Protecting these assets against various risks is vital for the longevity and prosperity of your enterprise. From physical assets like property and inventory […]

Management, Strategy & Planning

4 Things You Must Not Forget When Starting a Business

May 31, 2023

Via: Entrepreneur

Setting up a startup is something many people want to do. They have a great idea, and ideally, they have tested it out to ensure it’s viable before they start. And then, they have some thoughts about how they might […]


5 Intellectual Property Tips for Online Businesses

July 20, 2018

Via: FindLaw

Every small business needs to know how to protect its intellectual property. From product patents to trademarking logos to copywritten written materials, making sure other businesses don’t steal your ideas is essential setting your products and services apart and ensuring […]


How Can a Startup Protect Trade Secrets?

November 22, 2017

Via: FindLaw

You’re starting a business because you’ve got some great, new ideas. So how do you protect those ideas once you’re in business? From intellectual property laws to non-disclosure agreements, there are quite a few legal options for protecting trade secrets. […]


4 Defenses to Trademark Infringement

May 12, 2017

Via: FindLaw

Trademarks exist in order to allow consumers to differentiate products and services that exist in a marketplace. When a business, other entity, or individual, puts time, money, and effort, into developing a valid trademark, the law provides certain protections for […]


4 reasons why your startup needs a patent

April 13, 2017

Via: Ventureburn

It’s a scenario that has played out in many a boardroom around the world. An entrepreneur lands a sizeable investment but has not spent a single cent on protecting their intellectual property (IP). No matter what your exit strategy, or […]


Top Intellectual Property Tips for New Business Owners

April 6, 2017

Via: FindLaw

When you’re just opening the doors to your small business, you’re probably thinking more about dollars and cents rather whether a patent or a trademark makes more sense. But considering your intellectual property may be your business’s most valuable asset, […]


All Day I Dream About Suing: The Adidas 3 Stripe Trademark War

March 20, 2017

Via: FindLaw

Forever 21, the popular clothing retailer, is going on the legal offensive against Adidas, the athletic clothing and shoe goliath, which they have accused of being a trademark bully. Forever 21 recently filed a federal lawsuit, seeking declaratory relief against […]


Top 5 Trademark Questions

November 4, 2016

Via: FindLaw

Hopefully you already know that protecting your small business’s intellectual property is essential to your success. But you might not know the best ways to do it. For example, the differences between trademarks, copyrights, and patents can be difficult to […]


Top 5 Patent Questions for Small Businesses

October 20, 2016

Via: FindLaw

You founded your company around one great idea, and you want to protect it. Or that one great idea has led to a lot more great ideas and you need to protect those. And if your great idea is a […]


Google Doesn’t Owe Oracle a Cent for Using Java in Android, Jury Finds

May 27, 2016

Via: Wired

GOOGLE’S USE OF the Oracle’s Java programming language in the Android operating system is legal, a federal jury found today in a verdict that could have major implications for the future of software development. The case, which has dragged on […]


Top 5 Small Business Intellectual Property Issues

May 26, 2016

Via: FindLaw

Your business may sell tangible goods — cars or cupcakes, say — or it may sell services. But whatever business you are in, you will likely also have some intellectual property, meaning ideas, concepts, methods, phrases, or images which you […]