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How to Build Your Brand Around the First 3 Seconds

January 2, 2020

We’ve discussed previously how customer’s initially find your business and why customer’s decide to buy your product in the first 3-7 seconds of interaction. So now let’s give some practical steps on how to take advantage of that information.

What can we do to help our business grab those potential customers? Here’s a step-by-step guide on designing or redesigning a business’s brand with FMOT and ZMOT in mind.

Step 1: Focus on your Target Audience

Most new businesses skip this step – it’s easy to just stop here and say “We want to be everything to everyone – the 1 stop shop for our industry.” And that’s not a bad strategy for giant corporations, but most business who take this approach try to do too much at once and fail to deliver anything well for their clients.

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