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Influencer is the 2nd Most Misunderstood Job in the US

September 15, 2021

An Influencer is the second most misunderstood job in the US. According to a report by Business CenturyLink, internet, VoIP and other service providers for small businesses, the role of ‘Influencing’ is widely confused and misinterpreted.

Topping the most misunderstood jobs’ listings is an Actuary role, and in third place, after Influencer, is a Data Scientist.

Most Misunderstood Professions

To uncover what are the least understood jobs in the US, the Business CenturyLink team reviewed information on job market sites, including LinkedIn, Business Insider, Glassdoor Reddit and Digital Marketing Institute. The researchers identified the jobs that either did not exist or were less common between five and 15 years ago.

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