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3 Questions You Need to Ask About CRM Software for Your Small Business

In 2018 thousands of small businesses will purchase Customer Relationship Manager software. Many of these will be young startups acquiring their first piece of sales technology while others will be in the midst of a digital transformation. No matter what your background may be, if you haven’t paid attention to CRMs in the last few years, you can expect to be overwhelmed with the number of new tools and features as well as diverging philosophies about what makes a CRM relevant in today’s economy.

Of course, the temptation is to follow the crowd and buy into Salesforce, but not everyone is looking for a cookie cutter solution. Today, CRM options abound, all of them offering an array of partner integrations, artificial intelligence and a fluid customer experience. So what do you need to know to cut through the noise and what can you expect from the best CRMs in 2018?

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