image credit: Pixabay

4 Proven Strategies to Optimize Multi-Channel eCommerce Marketing Campaigns

July 1, 2021

Running eCommerce ads is hard enough when you’ve got several campaigns, with dozens of ad variations in each, on just a single platform. Add another channel (or three) and you’ve got yourself quite a beast to wrangle!

While individual ad platforms provide optimization capabilities, they don’t provide the level of control that many digital marketers require. Inconsistencies across ad channels — plus the challenge of determining attribution — make it especially difficult to invest in ads with confidence your time and money are being well spent.

These inconsistencies create one of the biggest headaches we as eCommerce marketers face as we spend hours per day wrestling with spreadsheets and analytics — and that’s before we even scratch the surface of A/B testing, audience targeting, or creative and copy.

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