image credit: Kyle James / Flickr

5 Steps to Get You Started with HubSpot Marketing Contacts

April 1, 2021

In the past, juggling contacts in HubSpot was a recurring and time-consuming task, and staying within your organization’s allotted contact tier to avoid a bump in HubSpot pricing at contract renewal was a common concern.

Not any more.

HubSpot recently implemented a feature that makes pulling untouched contacts from your company’s HubSpot contact database a task of the past. With the HubSpot Marketing contact status property, you can flag which contacts you market to and which contacts you don’t. By utilizing HubSpot’s Marketing contact status property, you’ll only pay for contacts flagged as marketing contacts. All non-marketing contacts—up to fifteen million—will be stored in your HubSpot contacts database free of charge, helping you stretch your marketing dollars.

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