image credit: geralt / Pixabay

5 Ways to Use AI to Make Your PPC Ads More Effective

April 8, 2019

Getting the most from pay-per-click (PPC) ads is a priority for nearly every marketer. No doubt, the investment you channel into PPC ads is already sizeable. It’s also likely you’re looking to increase that budget. That’s for good reason: 82 percent of agencies and 79 percent of brands say PPC is a huge driver for their business, according to research from Hanapin Marketing.

Amplifying your PPC spending is probably a good move, given that the industry average return on Google PPC ads is nearly 2:1. Even so, how can you increase the odds that you’ll get the most out of every click from a user, as well as every dollar that you spend on PPC advertising? Taking advantage of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered tools is one way to increase the payout on your PPC ads. Even better, it could help you spend less time doing it.

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