image credit: spemone / Pexels

What Does Ideal Video Marketing Look Like to You?

April 5, 2019

Video marketing can change the game. We’ve all been told this. We all know it. Film can change people’s minds, it can get them to act when they were previously idle, it can make you the topic of conversation among people who had previously never heard of you. In short it can put a brand on a completely new trajectory.

But the inconvenient truth of video marketing is far less talked about:

  1. Marketeers struggle to measure return on investment, often relying on dubious metrics like ‘impressions’ and ‘views’
  2. Less than half of all video campaign messages fail to reach the target audience
  3. 65% of people are developing ‘skip’ as an automatic behaviour
  4. Despite this video marketing budgets are increasing at record speeds

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