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7 AI-Based Business Ideas That Will Make You Rich

September 12, 2023

Via: Entrepreneur

In today’s rapidly changing landscape, technology has seeped into nearly every aspect of our lives. One of the most influential technologies of the 21st century is Artificial intelligence (AI). It’s no surprise that AI is revolutionizing various sectors, including healthcare, […]

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Partners Are Your Brand Ambassadors — That’s Why You Need to Give Them Training

September 27, 2022

Via: Entrepreneur

In my experience as the CEO of an e-learning company, I’ve seen many businesses employ partnerships as a growth strategy — especially as business environments become more complex and unpredictable. Many companies work with partners including franchisees, resellers, consultants and […]

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8 Important Marketing Trends to Watch

May 4, 2020

Via: Business 2 Community

The digital marketing industry is constantly evolving as consumer habits and demands shift with the release of new technologies. For the first time ever, mobile advertising dominated web advertising, controlling nearly 75% of all ad spend. Not only is mobile […]