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Bolstering Outreach In Education Through Digital Marketing

October 23, 2023

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As something that started out as just face-to-face interactions with prospective students locally, student recruitment is now a deeply complex -as well as hugely competitive- business that includes tailored marketing plans, target segmentation, and a global approach to attract prospective […]

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Exploring the Intricate Interplay of Education, Income and Entrepreneurial Success

April 21, 2023

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In today’s competitive business landscape, entrepreneurs need to arm themselves with as many tools as possible to ensure success. One such tool is education, which has been shown to correlate with various aspects of entrepreneurial success. This article will explore […]

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Educators, Here’s How to Find Your Ideal Student with AI

March 20, 2022

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Marketing and education don’t seem to belong in the same sentence, do they? Add artificial intelligence to the mix, and you’d be forgiven for thinking the lesson has gone completely haywire. But there is in fact a very strong correlation […]


How to Know if You’ll Adjust Well to Retirement and Tips to Help You Prepare

November 22, 2021

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The transition from a productive working life to retirement can be difficult. Many retirees say it’s more complicated than they expected. As with all major transitions, some things will make the process smoother and easier to adjust to. But, unfortunately, […]

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The 7 Personal Branding Trends That Will Motivate Your Employees

June 11, 2019

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Personal brands matter to everyone, not just startup founders and public speakers. In the age of social media, every employee owns a unique personal brand, and most employees want to grow those brands to boost their careers. As the boss, […]

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Why You Should Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency

March 2, 2018

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You’ve probably had thoughts of entrepreneurship at some point — just like almost everyone else out there working in a digital or search engine marketing (SEM) agency. “I could do this at my own agency.” Those were the exact thoughts […]