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Growing through M&A in Financial Services

April 18, 2018

Via: Strategy Business

Gary Norcross is president and chief executive officer of Fidelity National Information Services (FIS). Based in Jacksonville, Fla., FIS has evolved — through a combination of aggressive acquisitions and organic growth — into a major player in the global market […]

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In the News: Big Business Tools Now Available to Small Business

March 16, 2018

Via: Small Business Trends

Technology is giving small businesses advantages previously only enjoyed by big companies. This week, a lot of companies serving small businesses released new tools to help companies like yours bridge the tech gap. QuickBooks released a new platform for accountants […]

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4 Business Tips for Creating Millionaire Success

January 17, 2018

Via: Entrepreneur

There has never been a more inspiring time to get into business than now. If you look at the huge growth in American, British, European and Japanese stock markets, and think you could be one of them too, it’s time […]

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How to Revamp Your Local SEO Strategy

January 5, 2018

Via: Search Engine Journal

Voice search and digital assistants are changing how people search for local businesses. This year, there will be more opportunities for local businesses to enhance their presence on search engines. Here are six tips to help you revamp your local […]

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10 Fascinating New Product or Service Tactics that Can Help Your Business Grow

January 4, 2018

Via: Small Business Trends

Over time, your company looks to enhance its product and service offering with new features designed to give your customers even more value. But, how do you let your customer base know of these new features without bombarding their email […]

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Effective Presentation Strategies for 4 Buyer Styles

December 6, 2017

Via: Business 2 Community

If you deliver your presentation the same way to each of your customers, you are leaving money on the table. Think back to your last three customers. One may have been talkative and forthcoming, while the other was quiet and […]

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Secrets to Creating a Visual Brand Identity That Sets You Apart

November 15, 2017

Via: Business 2 Community

8 Key Areas You Want to Keep Your Visual Brand Consistent Have you ever wondered what your social media followers think about you? Is it possible you are sending mixed messages to your prospects? This month we’re talking about the […]

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5 Tips to Fix Your Brand from TV Star Expert Ali Craig

October 3, 2017

Via: Small Business Trends

Want to build a strong brand? You might want to gather some valuable input from a branding expert. Ali Craig is a brand strategist, author and star of the new show Fix My Brand with Ali Craig. The show airs […]

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How to Boost Your Online Reputation in 3 Easy Steps

September 26, 2017

Via: Business 2 Community

While most e-commerce website owners worry about maintaining a positive online reputation, many brick-and-mortar companies that don’t sell goods online don’t think that is something they need to worry about. The truth is that way of thinking is false, and […]

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Impatience Is Why Time Management Techniques Fail So Often

September 25, 2017

Via: Entrepreneur

Time management — that eternal promise of self-control, discipline and oodles of productivity. Oh, how we wish it was as easy as following any of the countless pieces of advices floating online, and turning ourselves into task management masters and […]