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This Couple Started Renting Rooms in Their House As a Side Hustle. Now They Run 11 Airbnb Units Full Time.

December 5, 2023

In the new book, Start Your Own Airbnb Business, author Jason R. Rich breaks down all of the possibilities of making money with short-term rentals. In this excerpt, he speaks with the husband-and-wife team of Zev and Melissa Forrest, who operate 11 Airbnb short-term rental units and have been doing it since 2018.

How did you initially get started with Airbnb?

Zev Forrest: We attended a free workshop about five years ago, before my wife and I got married. After attending the workshop, we tested the waters by approaching my mother, who used to rent out her backhouse to long-term tenants. I shared all the information we learned and began offering her accommodations as a short-term rental through Airbnb. It quickly became a profitable endeavor.

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