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Explore the Viability and Strategy of Reseller Hosting in 2024  

May 23, 2024

When and how is reseller hosting viable in 2024, how to choose a parent host, how to create a hosting package to offer, pricing your services.

Is reseller hosting viable in 2024?

By 2025, the web hosting industry is expected to attain a value of $216 billion. The viability of a hosting reseller business depends on your ability to adapt to changes, your marketing efforts, and your customer acquisition and retention.

Reseller hosting allows companies or individuals to start a web hosting business without managing or owning their servers. A reseller buys hosting resources from a parent company and then resells them to their customers. They can customize plans to cater to different customer requirements. The parent host typically offers white-label solutions so the reseller can provide services under that brand and increase trust.

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