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How AI, Data Integration Challenges, and Overburdened IT Teams Impact Small Businesses

January 31, 2024

The promise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to boost productivity is immense, yet challenges in data integration and the pressures on IT teams pose significant hurdles. This is the key takeaway from the latest Salesforce research, which has crucial implications for small business owners.

According to the research, a striking 85% of IT leaders anticipate AI to significantly enhance developer productivity within their organizations over the next three years. This optimism comes at a critical time, as IT requests have surged by an estimated 39% in the last year. However, the road to harnessing AI’s full potential is fraught with obstacles. A notable 62% of leaders acknowledge that their organizations are not adequately equipped to align data systems to fully leverage AI technology. This misalignment impedes the transition and adds to the strain on IT teams.

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