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Facebook goes down, what about influencer marketing?

November 8, 2021

Via: Entrepreneur

Facebook , Instagram and its entire network of services, including WhatsApp , and even the internal communication tools themselves fell on September 4 for almost six hours. Although a month later saying 6 hours seems not to be so bad, […]

Marketing, Marketing Strategy

Neuroscience in Marketing: Practical Tips

October 5, 2021

Via: Business 2 Community

Our thoughts, feelings and actions are simply the results of neural activity in the brain. Marketers widely use insights from neurobiology to guess consumers’ desires. Thanks to neurobiology, it is possible to predict consumers behaviour and even manipulate their decisions. […]

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How to improve your social media strategy in 3 simple steps

July 13, 2021

Via: Entrepreneur

Regardless of the size of your business, having a clear communication strategy is essential to be on the minds of your consumers. And yes, when we say communication we mean that: a mutual conversation in which their feedback contributes significantly […]