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Marketing, Software and Tools

3 ways software can reduce carbon emissions 

May 13, 2022

Via: Venture Beat

With the climate change crisis looming, many are betting on novel technological solutions such as carbon capture. We certainly need these sorts of solutions and as soon as possible. But if we want to start reducing emissions now, software may […]

Management, Product Management

How ‘demand’ chains could increase profits while fighting climate change

May 11, 2022

Via: Venture Beat

If we want to save the planet, we must change the way we move goods around it. We must create more sustainable supply chains. In their 2021 study The Sustainable Supply Chain Paradox: Balancing the Bottom Line with the Green […]


ExxonMobil Is Giving $1 Million to Conservative Carbon Tax Campaigners

October 9, 2018

Via: Fortune

ExxonMobil will spend $500,000 a year over the next two years to Americans for Carbon Dividends, a political action group led by former senators John Breaux and Trent Lott, the Wall Street Journal reports. The group advocates for a so-called […]